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Emmett Casey Frank

From the moment Emmett entered this world, we knew he was special and would change our lives forever. Born on May 21, 2012, Emmett was the perfect string that tied our family together.

Emmett had the kind of spirit and personality that emanated joy and gravitated people toward him. All he had to do was smile at you, and you would forget all of your problems. His smile and happy-go-lucky attitude truly were infectious.

Emmett adored his older brothers and thought he could do anything they could do—from riding a bike to playing football and soccer. Emmett loved dancing, attempting to sing along to his favorite songs, going to the park, and eating ice cream cones. He also enjoyed riding on anything with wheels, including tricycles, power wheels, or his “riding lawnmower.” Emmett’s most recent favorite thing was trying to hold a conversation with anyone who called our house!

Emmett’s spirit will live on through us and through Answers for Emmett, and there is no doubt that he is smiling down from heaven. We know how lucky we were to have Emmett in our lives, even if for such a short time. He will be forever missed, and we just hope we can try to instill a little bit of his happiness into our lives and into the world!